On Sunday October 14, 2012, thousands of people gathered together in Los Angeles to support one cause. From the painted faces to many decorated costumes and from looking up to eight foot tall team signs to listening to the various team chants; the City of Los Angeles came together as a community to
support its surroundings. AIDS WALK directly benefits Aids Project Los Angeles (APLA), which has been
around since 1985. They work towards finding a better lifestyle for those affected by aids, reducing incidents of HIV related illness, and advocating better and effective HIV-related public policy.

Early Sunday morning, after a quick meal at the nearest McDonalds (Always put gas in the tank), Almonds was able to participate in such a presentation of pride, support, and even a bit of controversy; never the less, a good time. In the midst of the energy, the sun, and the plenty of free water and snacks, we were
able to snap a few shots to capture the moment. These pictures are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

Before closing, I feel empowered to share something I witnessed at the walk. Clearly, Aids Walk is literally what it sounds like, a walk; however, they do not discriminate and it is open to the running of little kids, crawling of dogs, jumping of cheerleaders and most importantly, those who may be physically unable to walk. As I came across the first checkpoint of the walk, I looked to my left and I noticed a group of friends, moving a little slow. One was in a wheelchair, another was wobbling on
a crutch, and the rest were guiding their two friends. As I looked over, they had all stopped. The man in the wheelchair stood up, to my surprise, and the boy struggling to walk with a crutch sat down. Instant inspiration! Although the boy could not walk for very long, he came off his wheel chair, to take a few steps in support of Aids WALK.

I hope this story speaks too many of you. It doesn't matter if you walk six miles or 6 inches, as long as you take one step at a time. Every step should count, and every step should move you forward; every single one should be the best step you’ve taken yet. Similar to the boy with the crutch in this story I hope that by us joining in on this event, we can inspire you to change as well. It’s as easy as taking one step at a time.



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