This past weekend, Almonds took part in another healthy activity in support of another charity organization raising money via The Color Run. This 5k walk/jog/run/dance/crawl/roll type of event has been dubbed "The Happiest 5k on the planet"...& I couldn't agree more!

This year's Los Angeles Color Run took place at Dodger Stadium. The parking lot was closed down to host a 3 mile track for over 10,000 people to walk/run on. At every kilometer, different colored arches could be seen at almost any spot of the parking lot, and at these arches, participants were drenched with food colored corn starch. Various colors that signified a certain kilometer acted as a form of motivation to give people energy to keep going. At the end of the race, its participants would gather in front of a stage for a quick color throw; here music would be playing loudly, shirts and color packets were given away, and a casual conga line seemed to emerge sporadically right before the countdown began and the crowd would be lost in the thick color coded con starch. Minus the anticipated traffic upon entrance and the difficulty of scratching off healthy layers of skin while showering, i must say that I completely enjoyed myself the Color Run. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Try atleast once!)

Although the 3-4 hour race was all about fun and games, there was still business to be handles as well. The cost to run in the race was $35 for early sign ups, and $45 for late members. Each signup receives a race packet that includes a shirt, headband, bib, tattoo, and one color packet. There were 2 waves (9am and 2pm) and each race had over 10,000 participants. SO, you do the math! The Color Run raised funds for Casa Colina. Casa Colina's mission is "to provide individuals the opportunity to maximize their medical recovery and rehabilitation potential efficiently in an environment that recognizes their uniqueness, ignity and self-esteem"

To Learn more about the color run, or to possibly participate in a race near you just visit:

In the mean time. Please enjoy our pictures!!



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